Since of a girl I have always been really interested in alternative methods of healing eating and living. I think I get it from my mum and my dad as they were nothing like Any of the other parents of my friends at school. We lived a really simple but pleasant life whilst other girls and boys were out with their mobile phones and scooters dressing like mini adults my family and I would be spending time together creating things paintings drawings or doing puzzles. My mum and dad Believe that it was really important to grow and make your own food from scratch so we spent a lot of time in our allotment harvesting food. 

My mother was also very much into tarot cards and crystals so she spent a lot of time doing that as part of a paid job. When she wasn’t reading peoples futures or making beautiful crystal jewellery she was a part-time cheap escorts in London. My father was definitely the farmer of the family and he would spend a lot of time preparing all of the foods for harvest. On occasion he would work with my mum on her London escort shift as her driver.  

Naturally my siblings and I grew up appreciating the same things that my parents did when we were babies. So naturally I also went into alternative healing and funny enough also became a part time London escort. Yeah anything is that my boyfriend is also my driver. Some people may think that alternative healing and this way of living is something very different to being a London Escort and some struggle to understand how I am actually able to do both.  

How I explain it to most people is that our parents brought up to be caring business minded very self conscious of what we do and how it affects the world. This is why we grow our own food because store bought food has nicked a affecting our bodies. This is why we use alternative essential oils and means to heal ourselves because modern medicine has also has a negative effect on our bodies. We don’t use non-reusable plastics or any materials that can harm the Earth. And in being a hired london escort I am able to be a much needed companion for those who are lonely giving them an exciting and enriching experience that they may not have had if it wasn’t for the escorts agency.  

My childhood and early adult years have given me great stories to tell on my dates at London escorts. I am actually quite popular at the London escort agency as there is no one there quite like me. I have been told that my temperament and overall demeanour is very different to many of the girls at the agency. One client even said it’s like I’m a witch and I’ve got him under my spell. I wasn’t quite sure how to take that first but he kept on booking me after that and now has become a regular of mine so I guess it couldn’t have been all bad.